Well back in the day there really was a Miss Nell.

Nell Connelly was born in 1900 and was the first employee at William Langmaid’s store at 2 Bay Street Baysville. The building was erected in 1872 by Mr. Brown who was given extra parcels of land to get the area going. His house can still be seen directly across the street. Nelle’s sat empty for some years before Captain Marsh bought it and ran it as a supply store. He docked his steam ship close to the location on Lake of Bays.

Nell was about eighteen years old when she moved to Baysville from Bracebridge and started working at Langmaid’s store. There was a rumor that Bill Langmaid was sweet on Nell but that is all that is really said on the topic. Apparently though, Nell looked after William when he fell ill in his later years.

In 1966 Miss Nell purchased the building and ran it as a store for many years. Wendy Maynard later ran a business, Wendy’s Gifts and Things, for a time. Don and Marty were interested in being the next owners of the property but it took awhile to convince Nell. It was not until she turned 100 years old that she felt ready to sell. Don started off selling antiques and each year added more until it grew into the Miss Nelle’s it is today.

Miss Nell continued to visit and would immediately have twenty-five people waiting to speak to her. She loved to sit on what is now the patio and look down the river at her what use to be her favourite swimming spot. Many customers today still talk of Miss Nell, her boisterous laugh and the memories of walking to see her for a popsicle or some black balls candy.